In the IT dependant world of today it is incredibly frustrating, not to mention financially damaging, to have an IT system failure of any kind. ‘Disaster Recovery’ is the phrase used to describe the strategy for making sure that in the event of a disaster the effect on a business or organization is kept to a minimum.

Whether you’re running a large corporate network responsible for massive transactions or containing sensitive client data, or an educational one that contains student information and coursework, you need more than just backup. You need to make sure that in the event of a disaster, be it theft, fire or flood, you can not only restore data but get back up and running as fast as possible.

FEBS can assess your current system or help you plan and implement a new one. A disaster recovery solution can be as simple as having your main server mirrored (continuously copied) to a secondary, cheaper, server; Or as complicated as having numerous geo-redundant virtual machines which are constantly synchronized. We’re able to assess your unique requirements and make recommendations, proposals and project plans accordingly.

So phone one of our expert consultants today to discuss your specific disaster recovery needs. We will advise on the appropriate solution that fits your requirements.


IT is at the heart of most businesses. Imagine what will happen in the event of a disaster or catastrophic hardware failure, a fire, or a major theft… do you have a business continuity plan in place that means you don’t also lose money due to the time wasted on recovering?

At FEBS we have experience in dealing with IT disasters, whether caused by hardware or software issues, a virus, theft, or even accidental deletion. Our expert technicians know just how important your data is to the livelihood of the company.


Educational institutions need to provide safe storage for not only student and faculty records, but also administration applications, financial records, and databases of tests and exams.

Experiencing a loss of data can significantly impact how effectively the institution is run but, more importantly, negatively impact its reputation in the marketplace.

FEBS provides extensive disaster recovery services so if the worst should happen, our expert technicians are able to assist. We also provide full backup systems to a secure online location where you can access information at any time should your network fail.

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