Computer networks lie at the heart of any IT system today. Having a well-managed, secure, and reliable IT network is fundamental to the success of any home office, business, or educational institution. In the always-connected world in which we live, nobody can afford downtime and if your network is not optimally designed, you risk data loss and potential attacks from malicious users.

FEBS offers IT network design services to plan, design, and implement a system and network that meets your unique needs. Our expert consultants will evaluate your existing network, if you have one, and identify areas where improvements can be made or plan from scratch.

Our network consultancy team has the following objectives:

  • To save you money by ensuring that your system is running cost-effectively;
  • To ensure that you experience minimal down time;
  • To guarantee speed and efficiency; and
  • To ensure that your network can grow (or shrink) according to your requirements.

We offer sales and service of the following network components:

  • Firewalls;
  • Email servers;
  • Web servers;
  • Domain servers;
  • File and backup servers;
  • Managed Anti-virus solutions;
  • Disaster recovery solutions

To this end we offer the following services:

  • Network assessments and analysis;
  • Network design and planning; and
  • Implementation of network-related projects


Having a well-designed and maintained IT network is one of the most vital things for any company today. As organisations embrace things like the cloud, virtualisation, and hosted environments, they need to ensure their networks can scale according to their needs.

FEBS provides a professional network design consultancy and implementation service that ensures your mobile, cloud computing, security features, and general network requirements provide you the foundation to do effective business operations.


With educational institutions needing to meet the ever-growing need for more storage and faster IT networks to accommodate student and learner numbers, can you afford not to be at the top of your (network) game?

We provide specialised network design services for educational institutions to ensure that your network can keep up with the growing demands and that downtime and glitches are kept to a minimum.

From firewalls and browsing limitations to any server under the sun be it email, secure Web, and file and backup, we have got you covered.

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