When it comes to the total IT systems of a company, including its infrastructure, cabling, network, and computers, there is no getting around the fact that it is a complex process. Fundamental to this is something that is run reliably and efficiently. Without it, no business, home office, or educational institute can operate.

At FEBS, we can operate as a fully outsourced IT department offering you complete peace of mind in the knowledge that every aspect of your network is taken care of proactively. Additionally, we can work in conjunction with your IT department. Using us as an additional resource means you do not have to worry about IT staff going on annual leave and they can tap into our extensive knowledge base for problems that go beyond normal administration.

The advantages offered by going the managed IT services route include:

  • Maximum uptime;
  • Rapid resolutions of IT issues;
  • Quick and easy onboarding processes for new users;
  • Data and information protection. Regular backups will be done to ensure that you are never at risk of losing data and information;
  • Proactive approach resolving issues often before the organisation even becomes aware of them; and
  • Unlimited remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee.

Get instant peace of mind by partnering with FEBS and receive the best managed IT services in the market today.


Any business relies on IT to ensure that the lights stay on and systems are running efficiently while delivering your services to customers.

With more than 15 years’ experience we can assist your internal IT team take your network to the next level. And if you do not have an IT department, we can provide a fully managed services portfolio to keep you covered.


With FEBS, you can make sure the IT system of your educational institution is kept up to date and running smoothly at a fixed monthly fee.

Not only will you be able to increase staff productivity, but your learners will benefit from a stable environment so they can get all the information they need safely and reliable. Using us as your partners, you will be safe in the knowledge that technology will become an enabler for enhancing the teaching and the learning at your school.

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